Fear and Freedom, part 3

Read part 1 and part 2 to catch up. Beth (Moore, but I feel like we are on to first names now) defines bondage as anything that keeps up from the life God has for us.  Some of those things are small and some are big.  Sometimes we break free pretty easily by connecting with … Continue reading

Fear and Freedom, part 2

Last Monday I started therapy after spending nearly a decade with the involuntary fear brought on by PTSD.  Read part 1 here. During the fall of my senior year of college, I studied Spanish in Costa Rica, living with a host family, walking to the National University Monday to Thursday, then traveling through the country … Continue reading

Fear and Freedom, part 1

Last Monday, I started therapy. Therapy is important, even essential at times. And yet, starting it, and telling others that you go (if you decide to tell) feels vulnerable. Strong-vulnerable, but vulnerable nonetheless. The story of therapy starts about 6 months ago with a southern drawlin’, big haired, ‘girlfriend let me tell you what’ experience.  … Continue reading

Affluenza Indeed

The macro-level logic of the affluenza defense claims that if something outside of the defendant stunted their moral development, something they didn’t choose, something beyond their control, then they are not longer responsible for the poor moral choices they make.  Heck, they’re practically a victim. While many of us roll our eyes in disgust at … Continue reading

That Time I Changed My Husband’s Mind

Over at The Junia Project, Curtis and I co-wrote the story of how he became an Egalitarian.  It was a strange experience for the both of us, and we had a lot of fun telling the story. She said:  I picked my seminary, in no small part, because it fully supported women in ministry.  They had … Continue reading

Merry Christmas!

Consider this our family Christmas letter.  Forgive the lack of cuteness, or, you know, paper products. The reality of 2013 was that it was more hard than good.  Normally these letters list highlights and celebrations, but this is a year when we are just glad to still be standing at the end.  The way I … Continue reading

Saying No to White Baby Jesus

Saying No to White Baby Jesus

We visited some friends a few weeks ago who were in the midst of putting up Christmas decorations.  I saw and instantly loved that they had a nativity set that was a toy, where their young kids could, and did, really play with it all. When I saw the same toy set at the store … Continue reading

Fair Trade Holiday Gift Guide – For Him

Fair Trade Holiday Gift Guide – For Him

Our next {tiny} edition of the Fair Trade Holiday Gift Guide feature four gifts for him.  Sadly, there are very few products for men that are fair trade, and I don’t know why that is.  But we love the four we’ve got here! As we wrap up our four gifts guides (Home, Host, Her, and … Continue reading

the week three #instagratitude update

the week three #instagratitude update

At the end of three weeks, I am starting, just starting, to see it. How the things I shot earlier show up again, and again. Over and over. Sometimes I take another picture. Sometimes I don’t. But I always say thank you. Because that thing is still a gift. Not just coffee today. Coffee everyday. … Continue reading