Welcome! My name is Meredith, and this is where I write about social justice, faith, and the ways real people around me are trying to do well at doing good.  I write about the ways God’s call to justice intersects with everyday life, because I believe it is indeed possible to care about poverty and equity and making wrong things right even if you lived in somewhere as unlikely as suburbia.

The blog began when I was working at a Christian university in Southern California.  My students were smart, hard working, and eager to be a force for good in the world.  We journeyed together, and I am grateful to them for asking good questions and not settling for pat answers.

In June 2014 my family moved from the L.A. area to Chicagoland and I joined the staff of a local church as the Curriculum Director for the children’s ministry.

I studied theology and Spanish language and literature at Westmont College, then went to Fuller Seminary for a Master of Divinity.

I have a son, Riley, born January 2013.  I also have two daughters, Kate and Lucy, born January 2012 when they were just 5 months along, too early to survive.  My husband Curtis loves books, sports, and stats, so I have him do math for me. I’m more of a words person.

I can be reached by email at meredithannemiller[at]gmail[dot]com.

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