Our NEW Podcast for Kids!

Our NEW Podcast for Kids!

Well hello! It’s been a minute, but I wanted to post an update here about something my kids and I are creating together while we’re safer-at-home. It’s a podcast for kids about the Bible, called Ask Away.  We tell Bible stories and then kids send in their questions about the story, and we talk about … Continue reading

Statement of Faith

We mentioned having a Statement of Faith in our last podcast episode.  Here it is… We believe in a good God who created all that is. This God exists eternally as Trinity – one God in three persons. God, out of great love, became human in the person of Jesus Christ. Jesus is both fully … Continue reading

Launch Pod – Season 2, Episode 5

The Launch Pod got a new logo!  Ready? Oooh, aaaah! This past week has been pretty crazy–Curtis and I flew to California to see the house we are working on buying, then landed back in Chicago Tuesday night.  Then Wednesday afternoon I headed to the airport again, this time Germany bound, via Iceland, where I … Continue reading

New Launch Pod + New Newsletter

The second episode of Season 2 is up for The Launch Pod. We talk about the consistent outward focus of the Bible and how God’s people are called to move toward the world, bringing reconciliation with them.  Also in this episode, I give a brief update on the process, and Curtis read this interview about … Continue reading

The Launch Podcast – Season 2 is here!

Hi!  We still have a podcast about this soon-to-be church, and today we released the first episode of season 2.  We talk about how following Jesus often means living in a fundamentally different way than the world around us as it relates to big things, using power as the main case study (though it’s true … Continue reading

Episode 10 – Diversity, Take 2

If you are a podcast subscriber, you may have noticed that Episode 10 – Diversity, popped up again.  We made some adjustments to that episode, based on valuable input from some people who are helping creating Pomona Valley Church. In short, they felt like our first pass at a conversation about LGBTQ inclusion was, at … Continue reading

The Launch Pod, Episode 10 – Values – Diversity

We wanted to devote a whole episode to our final value, diversity, both because it is, in some ways, the most controversial of our values and also because it’s the one that most benefits from a more thorough, nuanced discussion. We talk about our commitment to diversity in race, culture, gender, sexual orientation in particular–though … Continue reading