Three Weeks

The first students on our staff return in three weeks!  I know that I may regret this perspective in the future, but I don’t think summer is my favorite time at work.  The office is so quiet for so long.  We’re talking all of May, June, July, and half of August in something too near silence for the extroverted gal.

I am so looking forward to our team next year.  We have 37 students who spend the year as an ambassador of sorts for a specific cause.  Broadly speaking, they prepare their peers to engage in meaningful, regular service to the city around us.  In the particulars, though, it gets really fun.

They get creative.  Their work gets messy.  They build partnerships that turn their whole life plan on its head.  They change majors, grad school plans, career paths.

And they don’t even know what’s comin’ yet…

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