Sunday Times- Hippie Box Edition

The front page of the L.A. Times today featured the story “Urban Farms Take Root.”  In the Bay area, city codes are changing so that produce can be grown and sold from home, if you live on less than an acre.  The changes align with the general progressive sustainable food sentiments of San Francisco’s culture (Read: hipster foodie snobs.  Gotta love ’em.)

As a Food Network junkie and general lover of eating, I appreciate the increased interest in fresh local produce for us regular folks.  For one, it just tastes better when it’s been allowed to ripen on its own time.  Case in point:  after 28 years of vehemently hating raw tomatoes, the most wonderful BLT with organic heirloom tomatoes convinced me otherwise about a month ago.  (Some credit must be give to the bacon, too.)

For another, in many cases the local stuff is also organic, which means less junk into the soil, air, and water (and you.)  It’s a shame that going organic is often restricted to those who can afford it, but I appreciate the list of the Dirty Dozen–the 12 foods with the highest pesticide residue–to help focus on when it may be worth it.

Finally, if it’s local, it has spent less time being driven around in a car.  Of course less car use is always better for our air.  And with gas prices what they are, smaller farms can save a ton of money if their produce doesn’t have to travel as far.

The Times piece highlights Little City Gardens, who now have 27 people committed to a weekly Community Supported Agriculture plan.  They receive a variety of greens, herbs, and flowers each week from this 3/4 acre garden in the middle of the city.

Tell me more about this Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) plan, you say?  I’d love to!

One year ago, we went to a farmer’s market on a Thursday night, just for fun.  It was great to be outside on a summer evening and we met up with some friends with the goal of picking out dinner on the spot.  Our Japanese cucumber vendor, however, had other plans for us.

They represented Join the Farm, a CSA program just up the road (a big road…Ok, fine, the 101 Freeway) from us.

We went home with the pamphlet.  We did some veggie math.  We signed up the next day.

Thus began our year of the Hippie Box….

More on that tomorrow.

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