The Hippie Box, continued

A year ago we signed up for a Community Supported Agriculture plan after a visit to a local farmers market.  We committed to the first season, just to see how it went.  My husband, who does all (Literally. 100%.) of the cooking, was particularly interested in what cooking seasonally would mean.  And he was certainly committed to cooking seasonally, because we would receive a huge box of produce everything Thursday for the next three months.

The box was intended for a family of four.  We are a family of two.  We have had more salads this year than ever before in my life.

Thus began our journey with the Hippie Box, so called because we felt that joining a CSA run by a group of Christian college students who literally live communally in a farmhouse and work the land and host a potluck/worship gathering each week is, well, a little hippie dippie.

I quote from their website, on how they got started in 2006, “We’re thinking of starting a new farm project, just down the road from the campus.  It will involve interns living in the Farm House, working the land, and connecting their farm work to spirituality and social justice.  It will be about sustainability and connecting people to each other, to the earth, to their food and their farmers, and to that holy mystery which is the ground of our being.”

Hippie.  And we loved it.

For one, all our produce now came from 21.8 miles away.  For another, it was now all organic, and for not much more moola than we had been spending on the petiscide covered stuff.

And then there was the weird stuff.

Like this…

Name that veggie...

Or this…

Know this guy?

Or this…

How about this one?

Strangely, I did feel like supporting a sustainable farming initiative enriched my faith through the year.  If nothing else, seeing the variety of produce, dirt covered instead of shiny and waxed, with some bug holes in the leaves, reminded me of a God who sustains us, in every possible way.

Have you ever tried a CSA or gotten most of your produce from a farmer’s market?  Do you aim for organic and/or local?  Why or why not?  We sorta stumbled into our CSA experiment, so I’m curious how others approach the idea.

Oh, and I’ll give a little prize to someone who can name (without any search engine help! Scouts’ honor.) the three fun plants up there.

Update:  no one figured them all out, but some people got some of them.  #1- Diakon Radish, #2- Kohlrabi, #3- Fennel.  And thanks for pointing out the #1 also looks identical to albino carrots.  Wrong photo to pick.

4 thoughts on “The Hippie Box, continued

  1. Albino carrots, spider beets and rudabegga (sp).
    If I win the prize better not be that I have to eat them.

  2. #1 is a parsnip, #2 is Japanese (does that count haha) and # 3 is Fennel.

    Dave and myself started only getting our produce, eggs and whole chickens from the Westlake Farmers Market on Sundays. The Hippie box is a bit much food for us so we started being intentional with what we buy so we don’t waste. I love that we have been going long enough that vendors know us and give us extra food for free 🙂

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