Quote-worthy Wednesdays: Betty

Quote-worthy Wednesdays are a time in the week when we hear from wonderful and wise people.  People I wish I could have a coffee date with just to hear them talk more. They would say, ‘Use fewer w’s.’

This is Betty Teka.  Betty is from Kenya.  She is a ministry hero in my eyes, because she stepped forward when no one else would and said the most courageous words, I am HIV+.  She spoke and defied the fear and stigma of the disease. She empowered thousands of people to also be tested.

the lovely Betty, courtesy of livingroominternational.org

Betty passed away about two months ago, leaving behind dear friends and two sons.  When asked why she was involved in HIV/AIDS work, why she spoke out when speaking often leads to rejection, Betty said,

We’ve all been given talents. We are accountable to God for how we use them. One day I will stand before God and He will ask me what I did with the HIV He allowed me to have. I will be able to tell Him: I visited the sick; I encouraged people to go for testing and treatment; I spoke openly about the virus and my own status.


Learn more about Betty and the ministry team she served with at livingroominternational.org.

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