Their Words: Dick Van Dyke

Students say and do really great things.   Adventurous things.  Funny things.  Profound things.  Thursdays are devoted their words and actions.

TODAY!!!!  Students came back TODAY!!!!

This makes me happy.  A little bit more than a little bit.

Last week one of our alums sent out the link to a video project they did to kick off the year.  They went around our town, asking questions about social justice of the people who came across their paths.  Sometimes I want to repeat this experiment in various circles I enter.  I think its interesting who gravitates to what issues or causes; it shows you a lot about their passions and unique wiring.

It brought up some fun things.  They asked, “What social issues do you think affect our community?” and got back everything from “homelessness”  (true) to “manners” (also true, but not a social justice issue really.)  They asked, “Do you think poverty affects our community?” and had more than one person say “No” in an instant.  Once they asked, “What do you know about service organizations in our area?” and to a pretty eccentric guy who had just finished talking to them about boats (or something) and he listed off about five active local non-profits in a snap.

They talked with at least twenty different people in a few hours.

And then…

Walking in to Ralphs…

Dick Van Dyke.

Seriously.  See?

Dick Van Dyke!

And you know what?  They asked him about our city and he talked about serving with Midnight Mission for twelve years.  He talked about appreciating that they did more than feed people, they rehabilite people and help enter society again.  Which basically means he gets this idea better than a lot of folks.  In fact, he was the most articulate on the subject of everyone they met that day.

Who knew?

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