Quote-worthy Wednesdays: Greg Boyle

Wednesday. What words would someone who works with a particular sector say to us?  I try to find quotes I enjoy from this wise folks and share them here each week while working to introduce the day with lots of w’s.

Father G is the founder of Homeboy Industries, arguably the most effective gang intervention and rehabilitation organization in the country.  By training gang members to work side by side in their bakery, restaurant, silkscreen business or elsewhere, Homeboy equipes the homies to build a future away from their past life.  The type of work they do–complex, challenging, patient work–is commendable in so many ways.

Here’s one thing I love from him:

Jesus said if you love those who love you, big wow (which I believe is the original Greek).  He doesn’t suggest that we cease to love those who love us when he nudges us to love our enemies.  Nor does Jesus think the harder thing is the better thing. He knows it’s just the harder thing. But to love the enemy and to find some spaciousness for the victimizer, as well as the victim, resembles the expansive compassion of God.  That’s why you do it.

To be in the world who God is.

This is what we seek:  a compassion that stands in awe of what the poor have to carry rather than stand in judgment of how they carry it.

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