Their Words: Just so blessed.

Our student staff trains for a week before classes begin. Here’s one of the great conversations from this week:

Staff:  How do most people define blessings?
Students:  Resources…money.
Staff:  So by that framework, when we say, ‘I’ve just been so blessed,’ who is really blessed?
Students:  Rich people.
Staff:  And if you break that down racially?
Students:  White people, on the whole.
Staff:  So does that really fit with who you know God to be?
Students:  No, not really.
Staff:  So should we really keep saying, ‘I’m just so blessed and want to be a blessing to others,’ as the reason we serve?
Students:  Probably not.
Staff:  Why not?
Students:  Because it implies that we have what they need and we need nothing.

We need better language for why we serve, what God has done in our lives, and how we understand the material things we may or may not have. Thank you to the students who were willing to chase down these answers and refuse to settle for cliches.

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