Laundry Service for College Students–Your thoughts?

Last week was New Student Orientation at our school, featuring a full schedule of activities for students and their families.  This included an afternoon expo, where booths from various companies and organizations lined up on a lawn while the new students, and their new parents browsed.  Costco, a couple of banks, Young Life, on campus organizations, and a laundry service were all part of the event.

Yup, laundry service.

And guess which one had the longest line of the bunch?

Yup, laundry service.

I see this as a bit of a bummer, personally.  For one, I’ve talked already about the lengthening of adolescence on this blog, and I am not sure how it helps one to grow into adulthood when a company is cleaning your tighty-whities for you.  For another, some of the fun of the college experience is the learning curve that comes with your new independent life.  Otherwise, you may end up like Rachel on Friends, washing your clothes for the first time in your late twenties and dying everything pink.

What do you think?  Is this just the generosity of parents who want to take a load off their kids mind (pun intended)? Or is it too much to pay for a company to wash your college student’s clothes for them?  I really am curious what others think, so I’ve set up a little poll.  Let me know, and leave a reason for your response in the comments!

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