My Love-Hate–but Mostly Hate–Relationship with Facebook

Last Lenten season, Facebook was one of the things I fasted from, and it was the perfectly right choice for my life at that time. Recently, I’ve been thinking about Facebook and how it relates my life to yours.  You see, I look at your status updates, your recent albums or mobile uploads or what others have posted on your wall. And I compare myself to you.

And you win.

Your life is more fun than mine. Your photos are prettier than mine, which means you either have skin that glows like that in real life, or you’ve learned Photoshop. Since my skin does not glow and I can’t remember Photoshop despite being taught numerous times, it’s a lose-lose for me.

Your spouse looks so supportive, your parties so lively, your kid so adorable, and your town has a higher walk-score.

I don’t want to. But it feels as if I can’t help it. And then, the spiral deepens.

Now that I know your life is awesome through and through, the last thing I want to do is reach out to you, ask how you’ve been, or set up a visit. That, I am sure, will just reinforce my decidedly less-cool life.

Comparison and loneliness make good bed fellows.

And then it’s weird how loneliness can make you withdraw from others, when the very thing you need is a good friend. What you most need is to take a step forward, ask more questions, smile as you listen and for goodness sakes exhale.

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