An Update: Laundry Service for College Students

Last week I basically asked to what degree you all felt that doing your own laundry was a necessity for college students.  While most of you said they should do it themselves, that was not a unanimous opinion.  One of the people on the other side was kind enough to share a bit of their reasoning with me, and I want to offer it to the conversation.

Note:  to keep it anonymous, I have replaced the names with kiddo #1 and kiddo #2. And a heartfelt ‘Thank you’ to the commenter for their thoughts.

I have to tell you that at kiddo #1’s college there is a laundry service.  After kiddo #1’s freshman year, I was there as they were moving out and I returned some sheets to the building where they do the  laundry… I was SHOCKED by the operation!  It was a fully staffed, large facility, dry- cleaner looking business…we had not taken advantage of the service because kiddo #1 hangs everything they wash. But let me tell you, if the university of kiddo #2 had offered that, I would have paid for it even if it meant I could not afford the meal plan!  When you become the mother of a man-boy who lives like a pig, covers the floor with clothes, and uses Febreze to freshen up whatever he has chosen to wear that has been laying on the floor… you too will be a believer in paying for whatever it takes!!   Either that or you will train them better than I did!

1.  Since I know kiddos #1 and #2 and can attest to their social skills, emotional intelligence, and general overall cleanliness in public, I feel safe saying they are indeed promising young adults, regardless of whatever laundry habits they employ.

2.  I don’t understand Febreze as a thing.  I don’t want to spray smelly things with a different smelly thing.  I want to wash the original smelly thing. If you understand Febreze, please explain for me.

3.  My husband’s university had a laundry service that he never used, but says he would have at least while moving out if he had the foresight.

That’s all for now… you can still vote and comment with your thoughts:

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