Quote-worthy Wednesdays: Henrietta on Youth

Wednesdays are the day in the week when I wish I worked with words the ways others do.  So instead, I borrow wise things they’ve said on different themes.  Also, I like w’s.

Henrietta Mears is one of the great mentors of my life.  Never mind the fact that she died long before I could know her.

Love her hats.

If you are familiar with Henrietta Mears, it may be because she founded Forest Home.  Or perhaps you’ve been around children’s ministry for a while and know Gospel Light Publications.  But she was also a college pastor, and a darn good one at that.

Mears did for her students what we all hope to do–she launched them into a life of service to the gospel.  So effective was her ministry that it is said the sun does not set on her ministry; there are men and women serving in every corner of the globe because of her.

Here are three wonderful things she said on youth:

Our duty is to understand youth, but more, to help them understand themselves that they may release their varied abilities in the service of Christ and His Kingdom. We must help them to discover a life work, not work for life.

Youth does not think into the future far enough, therefore we must encourage them to dream of great tomorrows.

Challenge your students. A young person generally lives up to what is expected of him.

Do you have a youth ministry quote that informs what you do?  I’d love to hear it.

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