Because I love free books…

and I love Fuller Youth Institute, and because Sticky Faith: Everyday Ideas to Build Lasting Faith in Your Kids has officially come out, I wanted to re-post a great little giveaway at  Actually, also on the list of reasons is:  because I had my wisdom teeth out this morning and original thoughts getting from brain to keyboard is just not happening, I wanted to re-post something worth re-posting.

If you don’t have a story to write in for the giveaway, you still should get the book.  There’s one edition for youth workers and another for parents (and other adults who care about young people.)

Here are the details:

While based on years of research, Sticky Faith teaches us to utilize the power of story as well. For most of us, we can remember emotions and issues better than numbers and statistics. Narratives are transformative, memorable, and personal. As powerful as research is, we believe that stories are more powerful.

That’s why we want to hear from you, our readers!

To continue celebrating the release of Sticky Faith, we want to give away more free books to the parents and youth leaders who are essential to Sticky Faith. Send us your real-life examples of Sticky Faith from the families and churches that you know. We’ll pick five stories to republish and send their authors a free copy of Sticky Faith.


  1. Content: Must contain some element of either intergenerational relationship, or the transition of a high school student to adulthood. See this article for a quick summary.
  2. Length: Can be any length, yet long enough to be an understandable story.
  3. Submission: Email to (Subject line: Sticky Faith Story)
  4. Publishing: Once submitted, we reserve the right to publish the content on our blog.
  5. Timeframe: Stories can be submitted until October 7th.

Good luck!

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