The Hole in My Reading

Today, Rich Stearns from World Vision is preaching at my church. So yesterday we prepared for worship with music rehearsals (my momma and I are in the choir this weekend) and room set up.  It’s a great set, the kind of songs our community knows, owns, and loves.

Ready for worship with guest Rich Stearns.

So because of this, I found this great Sojourners interview with him from a few years back.  I picked it because…


I’ve still not read The Hole in Our Gospel.


But this is a great little overview, with a few very thoughtful comments on broader issues.

Happy Sunday!

One thought on “The Hole in My Reading

  1. How was it??

    PS: love that you guys put photos of kids who need sponsors on the chair backs!!

    (PPS: haha…the guy that did that interview is the pastor of the church where I used to work in Colorado. weird!)

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