How They Do It: Clean Water

I’m often impressed by the efforts of our students; here’s one way they’re doing great things to improve the world.

Starting 10/10, a group of students switched to all water for 10 days.  They tally what they would have spent on soda, lattes, juice or whatever.  At the end of their time, they donate what they would have spent on beverages to support clean water.

To remind themselves, they wear wristbands (since for some of us, perhaps, our Diet Coke habits may be super ingrained in us.)

Now sure, they could just give money to water outright.  I could do the same, and thereby avoid training for a half-marathon for the next three months.  But there is something about only drinking water, and being constantly reminded that I have access to it, while others do not, that may just help me to think and live a little differently.  With a little more gratitude and a little more generosity.

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