Guess What I Won?

About this time last year, I began following Bridget over at Bake at 350, because her cookies are just the coolest.   Like these turkeys…

From Bake at cute are these???

So I bought some merengue powder and the right kind of food coloring.  Then we made Mickey Mouse faces with my favorite small human, Zoie (whose mom blogs at A Beautiful Mess).  It was… a learning experience.

Curtis’ were by far the best ones.

I hate when he is better at things than I am.

Not that I’m competitive.

I digress…  So imagine my surprise this morning when Bridget, the cookie queen, writes to say that I won a giveaway she hosted!  I won the cookie cookbook Ultimate Cookies, and I can’t wait to try something out.

Just you wait, in no time I’ll go from this:

Allie is better (more creative and more patient) than me.

and this:

We're learning, ok?

To this:

Clearly I did not make these or take this lovely photo. Former: Juilia Usher. Latter: Steve Adams

Why can I hear laughter?

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