Would you brag that you’re a liar?

On college campuses everywhere, there is an ongoing contest.  It basically revovles around three questions:

Who got the least amount of sleep?  Who has the most work to do? and Who is the most stressed out?

The ‘winner’ is the person with the life that is stretched the thinnest.  Of course, no one ever wins; there is just a pool of palpable stress in the room at the end of the game.

Here’s what can be tricky about the mentality that goes into the game.  The ‘I am important because I am busy’ mentality.

We are creatures, designed by God to be sustained by things outside of ourselves–food, water, and sleep, for instance.  We are not the creator, self-sustaining and all powerful.  And because we are the former and not the latter, we honor God when we rest.  Not only that, we are obedient to God when we rest.

God commands Sabbath rest for his people, even after God models rest in God’s creation of the world.  But we brag about how we’re basically the Energizer Bunny incarnate.  We brag about the fact that our to-do list would be better in scroll form so we could unravel it to the floor.

I would never brag about blowing God off in other ways–how many lies I told, how often I gossiped behind someone’s back, how my temper got out of control.  No, when I’m honest about those things, I usually will say, I’m not proud of it.

But when it comes to Sabbath, we regularly brag about how we blow off God’s intention for us to rest.

Take a cue from Flop & Bubba.

This was our house last Saturday afternoon.  The black blob is Flop.  He’s curvy, ok?

Every single creature–animal and human alike–napped last weekend.  And sleep, like meals, is a tangible way I remember that I am not infinite and self-sustaining.  I am the creation of a kind and generous Creator.

And far from being lazy, when I nap, I think that is worship.

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