God in My Nausea

Exactly 48 hours after I became pregnant, I became nauseous.  And it stayed.  All day.  Every day.

That’s one way to remember the precious gift of a small human growing inside you.

But seriously, it is.

I have friends who would kill to be nauseous.

So I have tried to redeem the nausea.  The nausea reminds me that I am not in control.  The nausea reminds me that life is a gift.  The nausea… oh heck. It sucks.

It sucks, and it’s a gift, and God is there either way.

And isn’t this life for all of us, in one way or another?

I started this post a few weeks back, inspired by the lyrics of “Be My Everything.”  And then the next two weeks in a row we sang the song at church.  “It’s a sign.”  “You don’t believe in signs.”  (Name that movie.)

There’s something that should be comforting about God in my mundane moments, or my crabby moments, or the moments I waste time on Pinterest.  But if I’m honest, I sometimes find it guilt-inducing, not comforting.  Because I want to replace grace with striving, as if I really can make something happen on my own, and then offer that something to God and God will love it and be so proud of me.

But now that my life is overrun with pregnancy brain and nausea, I got nothing.  Making nothing happening.  Ever.  I’m lucky if make it through the day without a nap.  And Christ, if you want to be in me and can be glorified in that, by all means, go for it.

God in my living
There in my breathing
God in my waking
God in my sleeping

God in my resting
There in my working
God in my thinking
God in my speaking

Be my everything
Be my everything
Be my everything
Be my everything

God in my hoping
There in my dreaming
God in my watching
God in my waiting

God in my laughing
There in my weeping
God in my hurting
God in my healing

Christ in me
Christ in me
Christ in me the hope of glory
You are everything

Christ in me
Christ in me
Christ in me the hope of glory
Be my everything

2 thoughts on “God in My Nausea

  1. So much I want to say… More than I can post via phone, but I feared no contact would be made if I didn’t seize the moment. Congrats on the baby and recent sermon! This post triggered in me whatever breakdown in our relationship ensued a few years ago. I think I was nauseous-preggo when we had a miscommunication. Forgive me. I’m so proud of all the things I hear you are doing now. Looking forward to when our paths will cross again.

  2. woah. I read this and then re-read this…I’m sorry you’re having lots of nausea, but YOU’RE having a BABY. That’s so exciting! I hear the first 3 months are the worst. Hang in there…

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