It’s Quotes! Off schedule!

On Wednesdays I usually borrow words from other people, wonderful words of wisdom that speak to the work of improving the world.  And use lots of w’s.  On this Wednesday, I did not do that.  Instead, I stole from a friend’s status.

Cost of Kim Kardashian’s wedding, $10Million. Divided by 72 glorious days of marriage = $138,888 per day. Totally worth it.

Did some math with the World Vision Gift Catalog.  $10Million could by 730 deep water wells or 3,389 homes for a mother and her children in a developing country.  IJM needs about $4,500 per rescue operation, so it could fund 2,222 unique efforts to free girls from sex trafficking. Heifer Intl. requests $120 for a goat, so it could buy 83,333 goats.

Just sayin’.

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