What Flop Done Did

This is Flop.

Hi, I’m Flop.

He’s our black lab– highly furry, and over 95 lbs.

This weekend, Flop got a bath.

Towel dry first.

So Flop went to Scrubby Puppy, a self-serve dog washing facility.  They have raised tubs, so the human doesn’t have to bend over.  They have a drying platform, again, at human height.  (There are bolts in the wall to attach the dog, so he’s safe and sound and won’t fall off.)

Flop is not a normal Labrador.  He doesn’t know how to fetch.  He doesn’t put things in his mouth.  And he doesn’t like water all that much.  So Flop sat sulkily in the tub, got scrubbed down, towel dried, and then…

Blow dried.  Yup, there’s a blow drier to make sure he’s really squeaky clean and soft.  Notice how his side rolls in the breeze.


It’s not his favorite.  But it’s darn fun for us.

Happy pre-Thanksgiving weekend!

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