A Thanksgiving Story

Once upon a time I was pregnant and due June 30. (Ok, actually July 3, but I didn’t want a July date, so I just kept saying June 30.)  Then I went to the doctor for our first sonogram.

I intentionally did not look at him looking at the screen. Didn’t want to guess what he was thinking.  I peeked once and his eyebrows were up, and it just confirmed that I shouldn’t have peeked.

Then the screen turned and I saw this.



And he said, Everything is normal right now.


Then he kept talking.

And here is their brother or sister.


Second baby, upside down and blobby looking.

Exact words to doctor, Are you freakin’ kidding me?

Now I am pregnant with twins and due June 3.  Yup, lost a month, thought I was 8 weeks along, I’m 12.  Totally wrong on timing.  Oh and twins run early, so it’s more likely to be May.

So that’s different.  What’s new with you?

2 thoughts on “A Thanksgiving Story

  1. So stinking exciting! Plus I’m so happy you want to do it at home! Best experience ever! If you have any questions feel free to ask! 🙂 Congrats!!! P.S. My words to Dr…”.You’re joking right?!”. He confirmed he was not, and I burst into uncontrollable sobbing! Hehe

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