Lessons from Students

If I could go back to my August self and say, “Hey, here are some things to keep in mind this school year.  You may just want to be aware of them as you work with your student team,” then here is what I’d say to me:

Sometimes, the event really does comes together at the last minute.  And it’s a good event.

Most of the time, they really are doing the best they can, as they understand it.  Cut ’em some slack.

In some ways, yes, your life is harder than theirs.  In some ways, their lives are harder than yours.  And really, harder or easier are not very good categories at all.

You have a tendency to stick your foot in your mouth.  Maybe every now and then, think before, not as you speak.

At least I can tell my December self those things.  Semester breaks are a good time for reflecting, adjusting, and making mid course changes.  But I like summer, when I can imagine I won’t make mistakes or be less of a leader than I want to be.  When I think my course will be just fine, all year.

It won’t be.  It can’t be. And wisdom might just suggest to quit being defensive about it and be ready to try again in January.

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