Genuinely Awesome Fair Trade Gift Ideas

I love what Fair Trade shopping can do for producers and purchasers alike.  It’s a way to redeem our consumer mentality and embark in business in a way that genuinely makes the world better.

Fair Trade is not buying kitschy objects to fill up your house for no reason.  It’s not just getting cutesy stuff out of pity for poor people.

It’s buying things you use and love and wear in real life, that happen to be made by people in developing countries.  And those people were paid fairly for their work.  This is especially important in notoriously low paying industries–coffee and chocolate, for instance.

So here’s my list of Fair Christmas Gift Ideas.  Part one includes products I have personally purchased or been given:

Quinoa is so functional--it's a protein, but it can be a side like rice too.

My husband loves dark chocolate; this one is a winner for him.

Did you know rice is better cooked in low sodium chicken stock, not water?

I think the colors are prettier in real life.

I bought this one for myself and I really like it. Big enough, not giant.

I bought this for my momma last year. Sometimes I steal it to wear myself.

Start with olive oil. Add warm bread. Call it dinner.

Coffee:  Here’s the thing about coffee, in my opinion. It must be bold and delicious.  Period.

Now, I want it to also be organic and shade grown (and therefore environmentally conscious) and fair trade.  With the recent development of babies on board, I also want decaf.  Oh, and I don’t want to pay $25/lb.  This is quite nearly an impossible request.  But!  Organic, shade grown, fair trade, regular or decaf is available at Henry’s/Sprouts.  And it’s good. And it’s $12/lb.

Up next…Fair Trade Christmas Gifts, Part 2:  Things I’ve never bought, but love.

P.S.  All the products today are from Trade as One, who has no idea who I am or that I wrote about them.   Just so you know…

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