Fair Trade Gift Ideas, Part 2

Such cute Thank You notes!

Yesterday I posted a little list of gifts I loved and have personally purchased or received.  This is part two of my Fair Trade Gift Ideas post.  It’s made of things I found and just think are cute, but haven’t seen in real life.  It includes some things from Ten Thousand Villages, which not only has an online store, but a physical store in Pasadena!

Literally just saw this style in a non-fair trade store for the same price.

I feel like I see this style everywhere.

Such fun colors. Seriously looks like Pottery Barn to me.

Maybe I like this one more?

Ok, this is a bit fancier and pricier, but it feels like it'd be on HGTV.

There are other wood puzzles and chess sets, but I think the heart is cute.

We have a patio and my husband grows all sorts of things. This is a good size for thyme or any other herb.

One final idea:  I love giving in someone’s honor by buying from a Gift Catalog from World Vision, Empowering Lives International, Heifer International, or Compassion.  If you get an animal based gift, you can tack on a cute stuffed version of the same animal to go with the card.

What’s missing?  I’d love other recommendations!

2 thoughts on “Fair Trade Gift Ideas, Part 2

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  2. Yay! Thanks for these, Mer!

    Here are some I like…(haven’t bought any yet, but would like to!)

    ~Cute bags from Freeset, an organization that employs women trapped in Kolkata, India’s sex trade.


    ~Awesome baskets (and tons of other stuff) from World Crafts, an organization that develops sustainable, fair-trade businesses among impoverished people around the world.


    ~And of course, IJM’s gift catalogue, which is awesome this year!


    ~And, lastly…Love 146, another organization that fights child sex slavery & exploitation, that “gifts” prevention &/or aftercare on someone’s behalf…super cool.


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