Gifts for a Cause..The Ideas Continue…Round 3

I’m just stoked about how many great options exist for Fair Trade gifts, so here are ideas from my friends Linda and Blythe, who were kind enough to pass them on.

Linda passed on Raven and Lily, saying, “Go to That is the Fair Trade Company that our daughter in law co-founded…They have some cool stuff too.”

And let me just say the necklaces are SOOO pretty and the leather bound journals make me want to start journaling again after a 3 year journaling break.

Aren't they pretty...3 for $48. Check 3 friends off the list!

Blythe sent a great list, saying “Here are some I like…(haven’t bought any yet, but would like to!)”

~Cute bags from Freeset, an organization that employs women trapped in Kolkata, India’s sex trade.

~Awesome baskets (and tons of other stuff) from World Crafts, an organization that develops sustainable, fair-trade businesses among impoverished people around the world.

~And of course, IJM’s gift catalogue, which is awesome this year!

~And, lastly…Love 146, another organization that fights child sex slavery & exploitation, that “gifts” prevention &/or aftercare on someone’s behalf…super cool.

Then, I’ll throw in one more.  I went to college with a guy who has gone on to found an organization–These Numbers Have Faces–which partners with South African youth for holistic growth to break the cycle of poverty.  Their store has very cool hoodies and shirts.

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