The Fourth

The fourth post I ever wrote for this blog talked about how we get to know a city, discovering its hidden gems and tucked away secrets.

Next week, according to what has become a tradition of ours, Curtis and I will travel to San Francisco.  It’s only the fourth time I’ve been there is the same number of years, which is crazy to me since I grew up in Southern California.

San Francisco, here we come!

I mean, I know we have this anti-Nor Cal thing going on, but still, we make exceptions for things that are awesome.

Here’s what we have discovered in San Francisco so far:

  • We’ve used every form of public transit the city offers.  This year we have Flop and therefore must walk or drive our own car.
  • We went on a Bison hunt in the park, and found them just before it got too dark to see them.

    Bison at the Golden Gate Park.

  • We’ve eaten.  A lot.  In really, really good places.  Never had a bad meal in that city.  Not one.

Let me share a travel secret, friends.  Select your city and filter to only show things from “The Best Thing I Ever Ate” on Food Network.  Then take that list and stick to it like glue. It will never lead you astray.

Last year we carried a pocket map of the city.  We had pre-marked it with our travel research.  There were 18 marked points.  All 18 were restaurants and the key told us which dish to order.

We were there for 11 meals.

My very first dim sum ever.

  • We’ve seen many of the major ‘tourist spots’–bridge, park, Fisherman’s Wharf, Union Square.
  • We’ve driven home on PCH.

Here’s what I hope you’ll do for me:

  • Where is the best Cioppino?  Best crab cake?  Best crab legs? Best thing you’ve ever eaten in San Francisco?
  • Where’s a good running route for a momma-to-be’s half marathon training?  (We are staying a few blocks from the Palace of Fine Arts.)
  • Are there any touristy things that actually are worth it?  We may have done them, but we may not, so I want your opinon.
  • What else does someone need to experience to start to ‘get’ this city?



And thank you.

3 thoughts on “The Fourth

  1. Pizzaria Delfina is some of the best pizza I have every had. GQ rated them in there top 10 of the world and it is next to tartine.

    Foreign Cinema is also amazing and in the mission district.

    The Ferry building has a farmers market and there is some amazing food. The best lox I have ever had and some killer chilaquiles from the mexian stand.

  2. Meredith – one of our favorite things to do is to drive to Sausalito. We usually park and walk up and down the streets, popping in and out of art galleries. There is a great hamburger joint (no tables, stand in line…usually out the door) that we like. We get our burger and go find a bench near the water.

    Closer to the city is the Imaginarium – we had a ball here.

    Hope you have a great time.


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