Today I returned to work.

People were nice to me.  I appreciate this, because, well, it’s nice.

No, but really.

There is something about just plain ol’ kindness that goes a long way when one feels fragile.  And work can be a particularly tricky place, because I want to feel pulled together and competent, even now.  Even when I am so very far from pulled together.

And these certainly helped me deal with being a fragile person in a work environment.

I could open a little shop!

On my drive home, I called Curtis to say the day went pretty well.  “And I got lots of flowers, and some cards too,” I said.

“Oh, we’re going to have a lot of flowers then, because you have more here.”

“Who from?”

“Dunno. One of your work people.”

Fast forward.  I arrived at home, brought in my three bundles of blooms and saw a fourth on the coffee table.  Curtis picked up the card from the delivered bouquet.  “Who are those from?” I asked.

“They’re from so-and-so.”

Only he didn’t say so-and-so.  He said the name of our university president.

Lots of kindness from work.  So grateful.

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