Becoming Part of Something Bigger Than Myself

About two and a half weeks ago, a huge group from our church ran a half marathon for clean water with Team World Vision.  For those who participated, it was a transformational experience.  When you give yourself over to a cause for several months in a row, when you strive for change not just  for  a community, but as a community, it’s quite powerful.

Afterwards, many of our runners graciously shared their stories of training and fundraising.  One of the stories that touched me personally was from Hannah, who I’ve had the pleasure of watching grow up in our church.  Now 15, she wrote about how this experience connected her to the church family in new ways.  (She is, I will add, a very good writer.)

I forwarded it, with her permission, to my friends at the Fuller Youth Institute.  They loved it too, and asked if they could share it with other ministry folks who have a heart for intergenerational ministry and seeing youth develop long term faith.

So Hannah’s story is over at the Sticky Faith blog, and trust me, you will love it.

One thought on “Becoming Part of Something Bigger Than Myself

  1. This blog project of yours has turned out to be something quite wonderful. I always look forward to reading new posts. Just thought you should know!

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