Osoro’s Journey Continues

Several months ago, I began passing along Osoro’s story to you from Juli, and just last week was so encouraged to say he had improved.  Unfortunately, things have turned again for this young boy, and the tumor on his face is growing once more.  He has received a new diagnosis and they are working on a new treatment plan.

At the Living Room.

Juli writes,  “There is an immediate need for Osoro to go for radiation therapy. The tumor is growing so rapidly that it will soon close off his airway, making it impossible for him to breathe. Unfortunately for the poor in Kenya, radiation therapy is only available in one government hospital in Nairobi, approximately 200 miles away from us, with a waiting period to get an appointment of four to six months.

I have consulted with a specialist who recommends that Osoro begin radiation therapy this next week in a private hospital in Nairobi. The goals of Osoro’s treatment (relief and comfort care versus curative) will be established after further assessment is done in Nairobi.”

Please take a minute to read Juli’s full update (from 2/2.)

Last update I wrote that throughout the world, seemingly hopeless situations are changing because people do not stop acting.  Sometimes, we don’t know if there is a way for us to act.  We say, “I wish there was something I could do.”  I firmly believe that to pray is to do something.  Let’s pray for Osoro’s healing.

Here is another update from 2/3.

2 thoughts on “Osoro’s Journey Continues

  1. Osoro has been swirling in my mind since I read Juli’s blog yesterday. Joining you in praying for his healing. Love you dear friend.

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