Sunday Funday

Here’s a list of three totally unrelated things I felt like sharing today.  Usually this is when I write the ‘Sunday Times’–a segment of commentary on a news article.  I kinda get there in #3, so I’m calling it good.

1.  It’s cold and icky out.  So Flop is doing this…

He's a Lap-rador. Get it? Get it?!?

When it gets warm again, I wish I could get Flop to look like this…

From a photo series by Seth Casteel. There are so many more and they will make you laugh out loud.

Or even just to swim at all.  He doesn’t like to swim.

(That photo has friends, and they are even funnier.  You can see them all here.)

2.  I’m sort of in love with the idea of pink tipped hair.  A college classmate added hot pink streaks to her hair and I instantly wanted to do it.  I’ve never colored my hair, but I’m seriously tempted.  And two other blonde gals did it recently and now I’m jealous.

Shauna Niequist, one of my favorite writers, showed off her hair today.

Shauna's new pink hair. I am distantly acquainted with Shauna, and we share an alma mater, but I wish we were friends in real life.

She may be copying Laura, at Hollywood Housewife, who debuted her hair last week.

Hollywood Housewife quickly became one of my favorite blogs. If you haven't read Laura's stuff, you should. Now.

I want.

On a totally different note, Laura has made my bloggy day by agreeing to guest post here in the future.  I asked her to share some of her thoughts about the challenges and hope in Los Angeles.  That’s slated for the weeks ahead, so you’re welcome to get excited now.  If you’ve never read her, please do.  Let me recommend her recent story series on her faith.

3.  I heart Jeremy Lin.  I know everyone does right now, but this thing is, we should.  Why?

a)  He went to the same school as my husband.  And yes, that counts as a reason for you and me both.

b) The interview after the Laker game.  In summary:  Reporter asks him to brag on himself and he answers by saying his team is awesome.  And I betray my city here, but I just kinda don’t like really hate the Lakers.  So that’s a plus.

c) He’s a Christian, and this piece of commentary on him from the NY Times (Sunday Times…check!) was really great.

In two weeks our elementary schoolers at church are starting a month-long series on forgiveness.  I work on the curriculum for our program, and I am so excited to bring Jeremy’s choice to forgive people who have been hateful to him in their racism as a real-life example of forgiveness in action: Your Taiwanese heritage is drawing a lot of attention because it’s so rare to see really great Asian American basketball players. And yet you have said that you’ve encountered frequent racism from fans when you’re playing. How have you learned to deal with the racial slurs?

Jeremy: First of all, when it gets to me and I get really frustrated, I don’t play as well. Second, the Bible message that sticks out to me is “turn the other cheek” and just forgive. That’s what I try to do.

Class act.

Happy Sunday!  I’d love to know if your dog swims, if you think I should go pink, and if you are also a victim of Linsanity…

One thought on “Sunday Funday

  1. Meredith, we have a golden retriever who absolutely hates the water. She’s afraid to even go to the beach! Santa Barbara living is wasted on her.

    Pink. Yes.

    We are all in on Jeremy Lin at our house. All. In.

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