High-Five for Fridays

A link-up by From My Grey Desk.

I enjoy the sisters at From My Grey Desk and The Small Things Blog, whose lifestyle blogs are about fun stuff (fashion, hair, and the like.) We share a love for Duke, as they live in Carolina, and my husband is studying at their divinity school.  Lauren hosts a link up to celebrate the fun that is Friday.  

Alright, Friday, here we go:

5.  On Facebook, I solicited advice about hair color, since my pink vanished much faster than I anticipated.  Tomorrow I get it re-done, and it should last 5 weeks, rather than 5 days.


4.  Last night continued my new ‘clean on Thursdays’ routine.  This is by no means a comprehensive house cleaning.  Like I said, I dust, put stuff away, vacuum, and do dishes.  Last night, though, I mopped.  This NEVER happens.  I hate to mop.  HATE.  Do it about once a quarter.

3.  I also de-goobered my toilets.  You’re welcome.

2. The faculty for the 2012 Leadership Summit have been released, and I am stoked.  Lencioni, Collins, and Ortberg are always very good, and I love when they join.  And the women!  It seems like it’s hard for them to find female faculty that pack a punch, but this year–Condoleezza Rice, Sheryl WuDunn (heard her this year at our school–loved), and Pranitha Timothy (Director of Aftercare for IJM in Chennai, India).

1.  My friend Colin has spent the week in chemo.  All day, every day.  Today is his last day.

We are praying for him through and through.

2 thoughts on “High-Five for Fridays

  1. Hey you! Your Thursday cleaning routine inspired me. Came home yesterday, running shoes straight on, went for my jog and then picked up my disastrous house. Thanks for the inspiration!

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