Easy as Takeout: An Update

This is the Sunday Times, where we take a look at justice themed news stories that made the headlines recently.

Last week my Sunday Times post talked about how online ordering, through social media sites like Backpage.com, make it incredibly easy for sex traffickers in the U.S. to sell girls.  I was passing along the story after I learned about it from Nicolas Kristof’s column.

Since Kristof first wrote, 19 senators have contacted Village Voice (owners of Backpage) to demand the removal of prostitution ads.  The petition at change.org has over 220,000 signatures.

If you haven’t looked at the petition so that you can consider signing, I’d really recommend you do.  There is momentum building to demand change from Village Voice; what a simple, and very real way to take a stand.

Alissa escaped a life of prostitution. She is currently finishing school. Kristof told her story in his first column, link below.

Here’s the latest op-ed from Kristof.

Here’s his original piece on how pimps use social media to sell girls, especially minors.

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