Stand- Chapel Talk Video

I’ve told you that I spoke in chapel a few weeks ago, stepping in unexpectedly when a dear friend of our university community passed away.  They record our chapel time, so the video came out this past week, and I’ve included it below.

Let me say, dear reader/viewer, that I apologize for how much I rotate side to side.  It’s a wiiiiide room, and making eye contact with the group translated on the video to looking a bit like a fan in the summertime.  I double apologize if you never would have noticed, but can’t help it now that I’ve said something.

The beginning of the service is ‘family business’; I start at 27:15.  The whole talk is 13 minutes.

One thought on “Stand- Chapel Talk Video

  1. Really powerful, Mer. Well said… sad, hopeful, funny… I’m so glad you were able to share. The students definitely left on the note that in the midst of tragedy, God is still good. xo

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