Enough. The ‘Content in 2012’ Remix.

Remember how my non-resolution for the New Year was to be content in 2012?  And then 8 days later my daughters died?  Well, even so, I haven’t given up on that word for this year.

I’m captivated right now by the idea of enough.


Enough and content are related, I think.  Cousins, maybe.

Content is about saying enough.  What I have is enough.  My God is enough.

More than enough.

Lent is teaching me to be content without dessert, not because of dessert, but because it’s God, not chocolate, that gives me all I need.

And I just finished reading 7, by Jen Hatmaker.  And ya’ll.  Oh my.

Basic premise:  The author took seven months, identified seven areas of excess (Food. Clothes. Spending. Media. Possessions. Waste. Stress.), and made seven simple choices to fight back against greed, materialism, and overindulgence.

It’s messing with my head.  In a super good way.

You see, I have this teensy. tinesy. itty-bitty desire. Tomakemywholehouselookjustlikeacatalog.

Not picky about which catalog.  Pottery Barn.  West Elm.  Cost Plus World Market.  Or forget the catalog, just gimme five good minutes on Pinterest and I can craft a perfect home.

Now daylight savings has put me to the test.  I love outdoor furniture.  Thick, fade-resistant canvas and bright colored aluminum make my heart go pitter pat.  I want an outdoor room so bad.

When the clocks change and the sun comes back to hang out with us in the evening again, I am so tempted to buy a dining table and chairs, or a fire pit, or a seating set.

And by ‘or’ I mean ‘and.’

Instead, I have this.

My outdoor dining room. Two card tables (different colors), four folding chairs, one crooked umbrella and a canvas tablecloth.

And it’s enough.

Because around that card table/folding chair outdoor ‘dining room,’ friends and family have gathered, and laughed, eaten good food from the grill, and shared our lives.  Nobody cared one bit that it didn’t look like Pottery Barn.

photo from Pottery Barn. Hi, Santa Barbara!

Several years ago I was at a conference and an artist shared this beautiful song.  That we couldn’t buy.  Because she was unsigned and had only one copy of the track on a CD.  Which Bill Hybels tap-tapped.  Leaving us with nothing.


Thankfully, the song is available now.  But before it was, I’d go back to the chorus every now and then in my mind, especially in hard times.  (Thank goodness it’s just one line and I remembered the tune.)

The one line?

You are more than just enough.

I think sometimes I turn to the tangible things around me, looking for contentment because I can see them, touch them, buy them.  They seem to be in my control.  In contrast, God’s presence  seems intangible and elusive.  Even though I know he’s near, he still can’t be controlled the way meals or spaces or schedules can.

Then again, I think that’s probably a good thing.

Be still and know that He is God, even on a dark night like tonight.

Do you think He forgot?  Do you think He doesn’t care?

Well He does, and He’s more than just enough.

I know you’re going through this alone.

You knocked so hard on that door but still there’s no one home.

But He will answer you, and answer you with love.

And that’s why He’s more than just enough.

You are more than just enough.

You are more than just enough.

Even when the times get rough.

You’re more than just enough.


Hot tears and a heavy heart.

Everything is slipping away, you’re falling apart.

He gazes down at you beaming with love, singing,

“Child you’re more than just enough.”

You are more than just enough.

You are more than just enough.

Even when the times get rough.

You’re more than just enough.


There are times I feel the lines slipping through my hands and

my thoughts provoke my tears as I try to understand but

Your hands sustains me, Your life remains the only thing worth living for.

That’s why You’re more.

You are more than just enough.

You are more than just enough.

Even when the times get rough.

You’re more than just enough.

He is more than just enough.

6 thoughts on “Enough. The ‘Content in 2012’ Remix.

  1. Mer, 7 sounds SO good. I’m going to add it to my next team-to-bring-down wishlist : ) I used to think after high school and college then I would just magically be content. boy, was I wrong.

  2. As soon as I saw the title of your post, I thought, “I wonder if she’s read 7…” 🙂 Loved this post– loved the encouragement to be enough because He is More. Loved the encouragement to open my home and life and heart even when they aren’t perfect or Pinnable.

    • Thanks very much, Becca. A friend passed 7 my way and I’m so glad they did. I just think the whole experiment was kind of fun. I especially loved the garden partnership; I wish we had an organization like that here.

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