High Five for Friday

Hello, lovely Friday.  Here are 5 great things that happened from this past week:


5.  Tonight my two Special Events coordinators extraordinaire are putting on a dinner-dance for senior citizens in our community.  It’s called the Senior Prom.  Yup.  There’s a king and queen and everything.  This event is one of our favorites for the whole year.

4.  My essay for The Womanhood Project is officially a draft and not a rant.  There’s a lot of editing left, but I’m liking its basic flow.

3.  All week long, my in-laws have been with us because–get this–they are renovating our bathrooms.  Plural.  They’ll wrap up today and tomorrow and so far, they look so good.  I feel like I’m living on HGTV.  Once they’re done, I’ll show you before and afters.

2.  This week, we visited an amazing ministry called Kingdom Center to talk about potential partnership for our office next year.  They provide transitional housing for families in Ventura, with each family’s room being sponsored by a different local church.  I love the collaboration that is happening there between the community and the churches, and feel honored to have spent time with them.

1.  It’s a little ridiculous how happy these 47 seconds made me.

Hope you had a good week!

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