Senior Prom 2012

Each year, we invite senior citizens from our community to Prom, a night of dinner and dancing.  About 100 guests come and are paired with about 25 of our students, and everyone spends a few hours enjoying the food, the music, and the ocean view.

Special Events Coordinators extraordinaire, welcoming our guests.

Those two ladies made this whole thing happen.  Invitations, catering, theme & decorations, band, even back up umbrellas in case the rain was too bad and we needed to escort people to and from their rides.

Our guests at dinner.

The banners and balloons are part of a nautical theme.  And aside from the fact that 90% of the little fish we bought for centerpieces were dead before dessert, the event was flawless.

2 thoughts on “Senior Prom 2012

    • Our kids have helped with the one in Upland. It’s fun, especially because the seniors really enjoy interacting with the kids. The Upland Senior Center’s Senior Prom is this coming Saturday, the 21st

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