A Tale of Two Bathrooms

Once there was a bathroom.  It was built in 1986.  The water ran, the toilet flushed.  It was a perfectly functional bathroom.

Guest Bath, before. Flop, bottom left.

It had a bathroom friend, that again, worked just fine.

Master bath, before.

And yet, both didn’t quite work.  There was no storage in one, no where to hang your towel in the other.  One spat mildew at you sometimes in the shower.  And they both required anyone over 5’5″ to bend backwards to rinse their hair.  Oh, and they were ugly.

So they had to go.



The bathrooms rejoiced at their makeovers, celebrating their new-found beauty and function.

Guest bath, after.

Guest bath.

New shower fixtures, including a 6" raise in the shower head. Oh, and no more mildew being spat at you.

Master bath, after.

The users of the bathrooms rejoiced because a) they are not 5’5″ and finally don’t have to bend backwards, b) they like pretty things and c) the renovation was over.

One user had particular cause to celebrate because her father in law did 97% of the work and her husband did 2.6% and she only did .4% by holding up the mirrors and cabinets while they were being attached.

The end.

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