High Five for Friday: Birthday Edition

5 good things for this Friday?  Too easy:


5.  It’s my birthday!

4.  I’m not going to work today.

3.  I’m getting my hair cut; I love hair cut days.  Nothing drastic, just normal.  But these bangs need a little help.

2.  After the haircut, I’m having lunch with my mom, then we’re getting our nails done.

1.  My dad is retiring from his role as senior pastor at our church, after over 31 years.  So we’re kicking off my parents last weekend with a big ol’ party tonight, complete with dinner and dancing and a pretty dress (that I don’t have yet.)

Then our weekend worship is full of his favorite songs, including the Hallelujah Chorus.  There’s over an hour of music planned in all.

1b. I’m off to go shopping for a pretty dress.

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