High Five for Friday- Duke Edition

Sometimes, a Friday comes up and I think, there are not five things worth noting about this week. But sometimes, I can wrap this little gratitude list up by 7:30am on the Thursday before.

It’s Thursday, friends.

Well, if you’re reading, it’s Friday.  That’s the point.  But when I wrote it was Thursday. You get it.  You’re smart people.


1.  It’s the momma’s birthday today.  (Friday, that is.) So Curtis, my parents and I are going to see some friends:

Hi guys!

2.  I called Curtis from work yesterday with a question, and since he had me on the phone, he said he came up with an idea for a birthday present for me.  He already cleaned the house, a darn good gift in my opinion.  But we happen to use a credit card that accumulates points, and he realized he had enough for:

Pink case included!

I’m so excited!  I never thought I’d get one, and since I’ve recently become addicted to Drop 7, this frees up Curtis’ for important things, like, you know, his doctoral work.

3.  Speaking of the doctorate, on Sunday we fly out to North Carolina for his next term.  I’m really excited to be able to tag along this session; it’s the only one of the five I can make.  I’ve never been to Duke before.

This also means I’m taking a full 11 days away from work to rest and vacation.  11.

I don’t know where exactly at Duke this is, but next week I can find out!

4. We’re flying out of Burbank and not LAX.

That is its own item, and all of you who live here know it’s the truth.


5. Before we leave, we’re going to the launch party for The Womanhood Project, a book of essays dedicated to exploring one question:  what is womanhood to you?  Remember when I began my piece and it was just a rant?  Well, it ended up as an honest essay and I’m so honored to be included.

Plus, the party is dressy!

-1.  This is the weather forecast for Durham:

What the what?!?!

I don’t understand.


One thought on “High Five for Friday- Duke Edition

  1. 🙂 that’s the summer in the south for you, hot with thunderstorms all the time!

    i hope you enjoy your time in durham. my husband and i live here and adore it (duke also brought us here). lots of great local restaurants, baseball, and southerners! enjoy!

    ps, check out the duke gardens while you are here.

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