Really Stopping

Quote-worthy Wednesdays are my mid-week posts when I use someone else’s words for inspiration.

“As long as we are working hard, using our gifts to serve others, experiencing joy in our work along with the toil, we are always in danger of believing that our actions trigger God’s love for us. Only in stopping, really stopping, do we teach our hearts and souls that we are loved apart from what we do.”

Lynne Baab from Sabbath Keeping: Finding Freedom in the Rhythms of Rest

I usually don’t go 5 days + between posts.  But this week away is changing things up for me.  I’m writing, but it’s the clumsy, jumbly kind, which is very important, but not for sharing.

There’s been an easy rhthym of rest to this week.  I sleep in, according to East Coast time, eat breakfast, read blogs and articles, make lunch, get ready, ride a shuttle to Duke, meet Curtis for lunch.

One of the great things about where we’re staying is that we have a mini-kitchen and are right across from a grocery store.  There is something comforting about eating the same things we would eat at home for at least breakfast and lunch.

Oh, and that grocery store has a Starbucks.

After lunch, I head to Duke gardens, the one place universally recommended to me by anyone who knew the area.  They did not lead me astray.  I still have so much exploring to do, which is the goal for today.  But I keep finding lovely spots to sit, read, pray, and write, even though they are just inside the entrance.

On Monday, I sat just outside the left side of this picture, on a rock under an oak tree, reading.

I’m not good at stopping.  I pretend that I am, but it’s much like approaching a stop sign in California.  Sure, it’s stopping.  What do you mean my tires kept rolling?

This week, I’m really stopping.  So this may be my only post, or maybe not.  Either way, I’ll be back with consistent writing next week.

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