Friday Links – 3 good things I read this week

The reality is, on the plane home from North Carolina I was overwhelmed with the sense of I should not be here I should be home and either big as a house or already with my girls.  I cried on and off for most of last Saturday.

Although Sunday June 3rd was the 40 week due date, twins run early, and if things were different Kate and  Lucy would be here by now.  So it’s been a week where I’ve been in a funk, and that is the whole reason I have not written a word.

But I have read some good pieces that I’d like to share with you for some weekend reading:

1.  Lynne Hybels is a writer and advocate, and is currently preparing to travel to the Democratic Republic of Congo.  Her recent blog series has been a wonderful combination of informing me about the country and sharing the stories of her Ten for Congo team.

I told you two Fridays ago that Curtis was ‘buying’ me an ipad for my birthday with our credit card points.  It came on Wednesday, and I’m having fun with it.  Then Thursday, Lynne shared this:

The American Journal of Public Health, estimates that nearly two million women have been raped in the DRC, which puts incidence of rapes at nearly one per minute. Because of this sexual violence, the BBC ranks DRC as the most dangerous place in the world to be a woman.

Hang on to that little detail: nearly one rape per minute.

Now consider this detail: The DRC is the largest supplier in the world of minerals to the electronics industry.

Ever wonder if those two little details are related? 

I mean, what are the chances that my iPhone is filled with the 3Ts—tin, tantalum and tungsten—mined by local Congolese men and boys who are enslaved by armed rebel militias? The same militias that rake in millions of dollars in personal profits, and then arm their mercenaries with even fiercer weapons to more effectively terrorize the civilians who have no choice but to keep working in the mines? The same rebel soldiers who then use their new weapons to take what they consider their just rewards: a young girl’s body? Full entry here.

I don’t know what to do with that.  Because I’m not giving back my ipad.  But I have to admit that I’m complicit, no matter how much I wish it wasn’t so.

A professor I had once would often say, You can’t buy a righteous pair of tennis shoes.

So I hope that you, like me, will learn a ton and be so moved from Lynne’s writing. Ten for Congo series.

2.  I learned a ton from a story about children mining in Sierra Leone, a full decade after the ‘end’ of the war.  There are glimmers of hope:  local leaders are taking action to combat poverty in their communities, and I was encouraged as I read about them. The Rock Mining Children of Sierra Leone Have Not Found Peace

3.  Christianity Today’s blog for women, Her.meneutics, talked about ‘orthorexia’, from the Greek ortho, “correct,’” and orexis, “appetite,” a term coined in ’97 by Dr. Stephan Bratman.  The post asks us to consider if, in our well-intentioned rebellion against the processed and the pesticide laden, do we sometimes go too far the other way and obsess over perfect food?  The Dark Side of Healthy Eating

Happy Friday!  If you read something good this week, let me know in the comments section.  I’d love to read it over the weekend!

One thought on “Friday Links – 3 good things I read this week

  1. Been thinking about you a lot these last couple of weeks, my heart has been breaking for you. As Colin faces another surgery this coming week it reminds me that motherhood is not for the weak. Praying that soon you will be experiencing the joys of motherhood!

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