I am a…

About eight months into this blog, I was introduced in a work setting to a group of students.  The faculty member described my role on campus, my seminary background, and then said, “Oh, and she’s a blogger!  So if you want to talk about that with her too, that’d be good.”

I’m a blogger.

It’s a far cry from what I usually say about my blog, in my insecurity, “I write this little blog that my parents and husband read to be nice to me.”

But being called a blogger struck me most because writing here is something I do because I love it.  I enjoy tapping on the keys and seeing those little characters appear.  I enjoy the discipline of gathering my thoughts in a way that others could understand, instead of just rambling on loosely with no home base.

So if it’s an activity I enjoy and engage in regularly, why do I resist accepting the label?

Many of us do this, I think, with the various activities in our lives.  We pick up a book and make our way through its pages on a regular basis (pace is irrelevant) but hesitate to be called a reader.  We go out for a run several days a week (again, pace is irrelevant), but resist being called a runner.  We actually make the recipes we pin or tear out, and maybe, like my husband the recipe is just a suggestion and not what we actually make, but don’t want to be called a cook.

Instead, we constrain ourselves to the things we say when somebody asks, “What do you do?”

I work at __________.  I’m a parent. I’m between jobs right now.

Fine answers that fit with the socially dictacted script, the same script that cues us to answer, How are you? with Fine.

But there is this tension–I am not the roles I fill in life, but yet they are an extension of myself, the fillers of my time and thoughts.

It got me thinking, who would I say that I am if I had the freedom to just throw out the very best adjectives about myself?

What would you say?

May I offer us all a few words?  Let’s find ways to make sure that activist, kingdom builder, peacemaker, defender of the powerless find a home on our lists.

We refuse those words, thinking they describe those  big deal people–Presidents of global NGOs, nurses on the ground in developing countries, policy makers who are protecting the 1/2 of 1% of the federal budget that goes to global relief.

But every month, we send money to sponsor a child.  We recycle. We follow news stories about justice related issues, refusing to be ignorant.  We read the voter information carefully when it comes and vote as best we can.

Resist all you want.  When you do these things, you are a justice-seeker.

If I am a blogger, I am one who wants to say and show that we can be advocates for justice from any location on earth.  I work in city #57 on the list of highest income per capita in the entire U.S., #17 in the state.  But I am working for justice from the ‘bu.

So next week, I’m going to do a little series about practical ways we can all work for justice right from home.  Hope to see you there!

One thought on “I am a…

  1. Yes, you are a blogger. I look forward to your blog and I read it for entirely selfish reasons, not to be supportive or nice to you. Your writing both stretches and encourages me. Keep it up!

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