Becoming an Everyday Advocate: $1 a day

This is part 4 in the Everyday Advocate series, looking at little ways we choose to stand with the poor in our day to day lives.  If missed them, here are parts 1, 2, and 3.

For a long time now, I’ve had a preference for addiction to Starbucks.  (Sometime, I will tell you about Curtis’ and my first fight:  the Great Coffee War.)  I order different drinks for different mood and weather combinations.  I maybe buy enough of it to have one of these:

While I’ve cut back significantly over the past year, thanks in large part to my friend French Press, I still treat myself regularly to a Chai Latte or a Passion Tea Lemonade.

Which cost at least $3 a pop.

I’d venture to guess that you, like me, have some purchasing habit that is more for enjoyment than necessity, and for the record, I think that is just fine.  But I also think there is tremendous joy to be found in generosity, and a lot of us miss out on it.

So what if we found a little way to show generosity everyday?  And I do mean a little:  what if we set aside just $1?

One dollar a day can do more than we may think.

After just one month of setting aside a dollar a day, we have about $30 to give.  Here are 5 big things that can happen from that little gift.

$1 a day, $30 dollars a month can:

  1. Provide an aftercare package for an individual rescued from slavery, trafficking, or unlawful detainment
  2. Test 3 individuals for HIV/AIDS in Kenya.  Testing is a huge step in empowering an individual to managing a disease that can otherwise be very isolating because of stigma.
  3. Provide a hive of bees as supplemental income for a family.  Bees do some really cool things.  For example, they can double agricultural yields as they pollenate.
  4. Sponsor an individual to attend a Skills for Life training class through Empowering Lives International.  The learning from this class can lift a family out of poverty for good.
  5. Sponsor a child, helping ensure they receive education, nutrition, health care, and clean water.  Recommending a specific organization for this is a little like picking a favorite child.  There are four that I really respect, 2 big and 2 small.
    • On the big side, World Vision and Compassion Intl. do great work through a community model.  This means that your money supports an entire area, not just the kid in the picture.  This is, on the whole, a better approach than just having your money support one child.  Ultimately, the goal is for the community to become strong enough that it no longer needs the presence of the NGO
    • On the small side, Mission Impact in Guatemala and Empowering Lives International in Africa offer the opportunity to sponsor children in the communities where they are committed to serving holistically.  Each organization does far more than ‘just work with kids,’ but sponsorships help them care for the children involved in their community development.

So, do you happen to have an extra buck?

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