No Spend Month

This post is going to make my husband very happy.

Let me start with the conclusion, then take you back to the beginning.

I am doing ‘No Spend Month’ for the rest of July.

I have to say ‘rest of’ because yesterday I bought 3 new maternity pieces so that I could survive this stinkin’ heat, and then my parents and Curtis and I got lunch. So July 1 doesn’t count.

Now, to the beginning.  Well, sort of.  If I really went to the beginning of my spending habits, this would feel like therapy and we’d all like to avoid that. But suffice it to say that on the spender/saver spectrum, I lean far into the spender side.

Saturday at church, we looked at Matthew’s account of the rich young ruler.  And while a lot could be said about the text, a few things settled with me over the next day.

In particular, I’ve noticed how readers of this story have a tendency to worry about one piece more than others.  When Jesus tells this man to sell everything he has and give that money to the poor, does that mean that he is asking the same of the rest of us?

Separate from the actual answer, which I think is ‘no,’  it got me thinking–why do we dread that question so much?  I’ve been in groups that literally fight over how seriously the rest of us should take Jesus’ directions.  Why do some of us really really really need the answer to be ‘no’?

It’s no great revelation that as a culture, we are attached to our stuff.  Our clothes stuff, our house stuff, our car stuff. We like it.

So I think there are seasons that we should detach ourselves, in small, tangible ways, to free us up from getting too attached.

For me, it’s July.  Why?  No special reason.  It just happens that the timing of that sermon coincided with reading Rachel Meeks over at Small Notebook, whose family often does a ‘no spend July.’  Reflecting on their 2009 month, she writes:

What’s the point of depriving ourselves? Shouldn’t we be able to enjoy life?

Yes, and that’s exactly why we do it.

I love that.  So here I go– 30 days to spend only on gas, groceries, mortgage, tithe, insurance.  No recreational spending.

Considering nearly everything I buy is recreational, given that I don’t do the grocery shopping or manage our bills, this will be interesting.

3 thoughts on “No Spend Month

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