No Spend Month: Week 1

We’re 7 days into No Spend July, and so far, it’s been the type of experiment that I am mentally conscious of all the time.  I’m noticing how mindlessly I spend a little here, a little there.  Choosing not to do that makes me hyper aware of what I would have bought.

I kept a log of this whole “no spend” process, and here are few of my notes:

  • Getting dressed the first morning, I thought, “I could use 1 or 2 more maternity tank tops, just as basics.”  Then I thought, “Well, I’ll see if I still think that in a month.”  First tip I’m learning:  Wait before you buy, and if you still need or want it, then purchase.  I tell myself I’ll return things I’ve picked up on impulse, but I often forget.
  • I got a photo text from my best friend with an amazing yogurt flavor I want to try.  The shop is just a mile from the house, and it’s so hot out.
  • I had planned to get a pedicure soon.  But that will need to wait.  Or I can do it myself.  But it’s not super easy to bend over and reach my toes right now. Hmmm….
  • As I checked my email in the morning, I realized that I get about 15 offers for deals each day.  Translation– 15 chance to spend.  Second tip I’m learning:  no matter what kind of deal it is, it’s still not as cheap as just not buying it.
  • This weekend is much harder than weekdays.  We have a habit of eating out after church, especially on weekends when we’re at all three services.  We were so ill prepared for this that our grocery based dinner was at 9pm on Saturday.

Total “non-necessity” spending for week 1: $44.  I had lunch with a former student.  Curtis had lunch with a former student.  And I had one work lunch that was also in an area with only paid parking.

That student lunch happened on day 4, too soon for me to have made a plan.  Although I’d brought lunch, it wasn’t something that could come with us to a restaurant.

So I ordered french toast and heard about her life.  And it was lovely.  As the check came, I started to process having ‘cheated’ so soon into this month.  And whether it was rationalizing or wisdom, I reflected on the difference between using money just to make myself happy versus using to to connect with another person.

Also, since I am currently hungry all. the. time. I still ate the lunch I brought.  I’m on the Hobbit Diet–breakfast, second breakfast, elevensies, lunch, dinner, and supper.

Next week:  I’m doing some math to figure out what I usually spend…whether or not I tell you may be a reflection of my level of embarrassment.

I spend.  I spend much.

3 thoughts on “No Spend Month: Week 1

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  2. Mer, this is great idea- thanks for sharing. I will say WHENEVER I am in the states I spend more than here– partly because of what you say there are just more chances to spend. Maybe one idea– you and Curtis could move oversees for the month of July : )

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