Successful and Well

Wednesdays are the day I stop to think about something I’ve heard from someone that bears repeating.

Whether it’s stated or not, inherent in great leadership is the promise that as a result of being led by me, you will emerge more connected in your relationship to God and stronger in your gifted areas.

-Nancy Ortberg, Unleashing the Power of Rubber Bands, 118.

This past spring, a group of women leaders I work with read this book together and met to chat about the leadership lessons therein.  It was darn fun.

Currently, it’s summer, though.  This means no students.  The office is quiet and I am never interrupted.  All day.

I’m going crazy.

Summer is my favorite season.  Except at work.  At work, it is hands-down my 4th favorite.  (Does your job have seasons too?  What’s your least favorite?  Given the timing of the fiscal year, I bet I’m not alone in making summer 4th.)

So I’ve been reflecting on the way I lead my students.  While I care very much about their development, I’ve also realized something.  Because I am highly motivated by social justice, by seeing God’s kingdom become a little more real in the partnerships we have, I am sometimes less conscious of the ways my student leaders are being led by me.

Would they say that at the end of a semester they are closer to God and stronger in their giftedness because they’ve worked with me?

I know that I feel that way about the good leaders I’ve worked for.  And I am very grateful to them for that.

Earlier in the same chapter, Nancy writes:

It really is possible to lead successfully but not lead well.

This year, I hope I have an eye on both.

Have you worked with a leader who delivered on that promise?  How’s they do it?

One thought on “Successful and Well

  1. food for thought…as a Girl Scout Troop Leader I often wonder if I have led well…yes our year was successful in that we accomplished our goals, but did I lead well? I wonder if the intended lessons were learned and if they are remembered. occasionally a moment comes when I believe I have led well…like when one of my girls (12 years old) after completing a service project and seeing people benefit from her work said, I learned I cn make a differnce in the world. I treasure those moments!

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