Are Oreos a Grocery?

Another story from week 1 of No Spend Month.

 On July 3, I cooked dinner–Gallo Pinto, to be exact.

I cook about as often as I mop my floors.

On July 4, my husband, who actually cooks, was sick.  I was on for dinner.  Again.  Second night in a row.

That’s way above my skill level.  So much so that the mere fact that I figured out that I knew how to turn the 3 chicken tenders in our freezer into fajitas felt like a huge stroke of genius.

I drove to the grocery store for the missing ingredients.  Then I saw them.

The huge display of Double Stuf Oreos, pretty pink wrappers calling to me by name.

Since we’re doing No Spend Month by category (necessities are ok, recreational spending is off limits) I considered:  groceries are a necessity.  I am in a grocery store.  Therefore whatever I buy in this store is a grocery.  Oreos are a grocery.  Oreos are a necessity.

Air tight logic right there.

3 thoughts on “Are Oreos a Grocery?

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