An Event, a Blog, a Story– Weekend Links

Happy Weekend to you!

The event:

Just this past week, a faculty member asked me if I knew of someone local who could speak to students about international human trafficking issues.  I offered the name of a woman I’d met a few years ago at a conference.  She and I worked on some ways to help our high school students understand modern-day slavery, and she had tons of great ideas.

Two days later, I saw a link to The Global Human Trafficking Conference, coming to the Skirball Center August 10-11.  And who is organizing it?  Slavery No More, her non-profit.  It looks like a great two days.

The blog:

Two grad students made a New Year’s Resolution to engage social justice in the best way they can for this season of their lives:  awareness.  Their blog features a new post on social justice every day–a profile on an activist, the work of a cool NGO, etc.  There’s a lot of variety in there.

The Story

Last September, over 200 people from my church began training for a half marathon with Team World Vision.  As a team, we raised just shy of $100,000 for clean water projects.

This week, the emails started coming in with sign ups for next year’s team.  The race is in January. We’re an enthusiastic bunch.

Speaking of runners–World Vision has partnered with Olympian Lopez Lomong to support his native South Sudan.  Lomong was kidnapped by rebels in Sudan when he was 6, but managed to escape to a refugee camp.  His story is really amazing.  If more of NBC’s Olympic athlete features told great stories like his, I wouldn’t fast forward through them.

Have a great weekend!

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